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Rugs by Emery Park

OUR Edge Finishes

Hand Serging

Machine Serging

Our hand serging is the finest edge finish offered.  Multiple ends of yarn are meticulously placed by hand around the entire perimiter of your rug. Multiple colors and even different techniques can be used to create your one of a kind rug.

Tailored and coordinated, machine serging is our most popular edge finish.  First, each rug is backed with felt to ensure lasting performance and protection of your hard surface.  Then the perfect color is selected from thousands of wool colors. 

Hand Serged Gallery
Machine Serged Gallery

Cotton Bindings

Narrow Cotton bindings are a perfect choice to finish a rug with a bold or a "tone on tone" look for simple elegance.  Narrow cotton binding  shows a small amount of tape (3/8") on the face.   

Wide Bindings

Wide Cotton bindings are a perfect choice for a more bold look to accent your rug. Wide cotton has hidden stitches and hand sewn mitered corners.  Use our standard 2-1/2" width on the face or customize the amount of binding that is shown on the face for the  perfect finish.   

Wide Cotton Gallery

All Rugs are backed with a 3.5 oz. secondary felt backing to protect your hardwood or other hard surface from scratches and scuffs that can occur a normal actionbac.  We take every measure necessary to give you years of performance and enjoyment from every area rug tht we create. 

Contact one of our knowledgable Customer Service representatives with any questions that  you may have at 706.629.2588.  

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