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Ashley Collection

The Ashley Collection

  • Construction: Jacquard Woven
  • Material: Chenille Acrylic
  • Roll Width: 9'2"

The Ashley Collection is a modern interpretation of an antiqued old-world trellis with subtle tones. Part of the The Alexander Boulevard Collection consisting of three beautiful trendy patterns inspired by three of the most influential women textile designers of the 20th century.  The Alexander Boulevard Collection is woven from chenille acrylic fibers.  Acrylic fibers are a modern fiber with the highest colorfastness. This means that every rug has a beautiful color intensity and retains this beauty over many years as well.  Acrylic fibers are strong, durable and easy to care for.  The chenille process makes the yarn feel comfortable even to bare feet and gives extra depth to the colors in the rug which are strong visible and tangible advantages over a printed rug.  The addition of a small amount of polyester makes the rugs extra durable.

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