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HOMESPUN COLLECTION is a "Made-to-order", 100% all-natural New Zealand wool and provides the beauty and durability for this Artisan-crafted carpet.  The Homespun Collection is simple and flexible to use as detailed below.
  • Select your style.
  • Select your color from our Idea Pallette.
  • Order your custom sample.
If you don't find your color necessary in our idea pallet, send us a fabric, leather or other media and we will match your color and create a beautiful carpet for no extra charge.  If you don't see the style that you are looking for, send us a sample or give us your idea and we will help you create the perfect style just for you.
  • Custom widths and sizes are always available with Homespun Collection.
  • Area Rugs available.
The entire Homespun Collection is meticulously crafted with pride in the USA.
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