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Wool is nature’s perfect fiber for fine rugs and carpet. It is naturally stain-resistant, static-free, and enduringly comfortable under foot. You’ll benefit from the intrinsic qualities that make wool carpets easy to maintain:

Wool fiber’s naturally scaly surface holds soil high in the carpet pile where it can easily be removed with vacuuming.

Wool’s inherent elasticity resists crushing and naturally rebounds from everyday wear and tear.

Wool fibers naturally contain a protective outer layer that prevents water-based spills from penetrating. With simple routine maintenance and prompt attention to accidents, your Emery Park wool rugs and carpet will look great for many years.


Carpet and rugs receive considerable abuse from dirt, sand, dust, various spills, and everyday foot traffic. Frequent vacuuming with a quality machine will prolong the appearance and life of your wool floor covering. In the first year, vacuum at least two or three times each week to remove excess fuzz that may accumulate on the carpet surface. This fuzzing is the normal result of the weaving process and does not shorten the life of your wool floor covering.


Be sure your vacuum cleaner is suitable for your type of carpet. Dyson vacuums are not recommended due to their abrasive high-torque brush and high suction power.


Turn off the beater bar and use the suction setting only, emptying the bag or tank regularly to maintain strong suction power.


Don’t forget spaces under furniture, behind curtains, and where your carpet meets the wall.

Dealing with Spills

Stains can be prevented through quick action when spills occur. Follow the five simple steps below. Important: do not rub or scrub your wool carpet or

  • Scoop up solids.
  • Blot out as much liquid as possible using a clean, white absorbent cloth or sponge.
  • Using the Cleaning Agent Codes listed below and the Spill and Treatment Process chart, match the cleaning agent required to the type of spill and treatment sequence. Apply the cleaning agent to a clean towel or sponge, not directly onto your carpet.
  • Rinse with cold or lukewarm water.
  • Blot dry with a clean towel or use a fan with no heat to complete drying.

Cleaning Agents Codes

  1. Cold Water.
  2. One teaspoon of wool detergent (Woolite® or other brands) and one quart of water.
  3. Clear household disinfectant.
  4. Dry cleaning solvent (Guardsman® or other brands).
  5. Use only on dry carpet.
  6. Chill with ice cubes in plastic bag. Pick or scrape off gum.
  7. Mix 1/3 cup white vinegar with 2/3 cup water. Warm water.
  8. Nail polish remover (should not contain lanolin).
  9. Surgical alcohol.
  10. Place absorbent paper over wax and apply hot iron to paper. Wax will melt and be absorbed by paper.
  11. Vacuum clean.
  12. Mineral turpentine.
  13. Seek assistance from professional carpet cleaner.

Spill Treatment Process

Begin with Step One and proceed to Step Two and Three as prescribed.

Spill Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
Alcoholic Beverages 1 2
Bleach 1 13
Blood 1 2
Butter 4 2
Candle Wax 10 4
Chewing Gum 5 4
Chocolate 4 2
Coffee 1 2 3
Colas & Soft Drinks 1 2
Cooking Oil 4 2
Cream 2 4
Egg 2 13
Feces 2 3 13
Floor Wax 4 2
Fruit Juice 1 2
Furniture Polish 4 2
Gravy & Sauces 7 2
Ink (ballpoint pen) 9 2
Ink (felt tip pen) 4 2
Lipstick 4 2
Milk 2 4
Mustard 2
Nail Polish 8 4
Oil & Grease 4 2
Paint (oil-based) 12 4
Paint (acrylic) 1 2
Rust 6 13
Salad Dressing 2 4
Shoe Polish 4 2
Soot 11 4
Tar 12 4
Tea 1 2 6
Tomato Sauce 7 2
Urine (fresh) 1 2 3
Urine (stain) 13
Vomit 2 3 6
Wine 1 2 6
Unknown Material 4 2
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